Nederlandstalige informatie over verzekeringen vind je hier.

Training sessions

Training sessions are organised in the training facilities in our club house. In order to use the facilities and to be insured in case an accident occurs during training, you either need to be a member or you need a 'sportkaart' or you can purchase a 'sportkot' day pass from our lead instructor. You will not be allowed to participate in the training sessions if you cannot prove that you are insured!

Excursions and caving trips

When you go on caving trips or participate in other speleo-related events with the club (climbing, canyoning,...) you need another insurance! For most caves, this is a requirement, and Spekul will not take you into a cave without one. There are two types of insurance. Day insurance is valid for 1 specific day, costs € 8 (€ 5 for minors) but can only be purchased once, when you are deciding whether or not you like caving. In all other cases you need standard insurance that comes with club membership. To obtain standard insurance, or to become member, you need to contact our treasurer(). Please note that these two types of insurance are only valid for activities approved by Spekul's board.

If you want you can check the details of the insurance here (in Flemish).