Spekul has a long history of exploring caves on the Untersberg in  Austria. In the past 15 years, several 900km long weekend trips a year were made from Leuven, Belgium to Salsburg, Austria in order to explore the gruyere cheese-like Unterbergs mountain.

Several caves with a depth ranging from 200m to 300m were explored. Our last objective has been the exploration of the Sulzenkar cave and finding the underground river which emerges in Fürstenbrunn. The Sulzenkar cave was explored  by Austrian cavers in the ‘70ties until they ended on a too-narrow passage at a depth of -250m. In was a short passage (1m long and 15cm wide) after which the cave definitely continued. Due to the way we explore in Austria (short trips over the weekend) and some bad luck with the weather it took us more than 2 years to widen the passage and continue the exploration. Behind the squeeze, the cave continues through a very sportive and narrow meander (Massoschisten Meander). After these 50m from hell, the meander becomes active and widens to 1-2 m. It consists of an endless series of little pitches (5-15m) which continue till 530m (most recent exploration to date).

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