AREA xy: Nam Phe

NP1 Nam Phe 1

Development:   664, Denivelation :   +5, -2

This cave is a temporary resurgence which is developed mainly along an E-W axis following the general direction of the main faults in this area. It is composed of one main gallery with almost no difference in altitude between beginning and end. This gallery is often 7 to 8m wide but only 0,6 to 1m high and can be followed to a sump at 664m from the entrance. Just before the sump a chamber with huge blocks is encountered but is developed following the same axis as the gallery. The gallery is clean washed with a lot of very fine sand indicating the river flow during the rainy season. The cave is very clearly actively functioning as a resurgence in some periods of the year. It remains however completely unclear where the water is coming from.