Area 9: Phong Lai

PL1 Mo Cong 1

The entrance is located 30m above a small lake on the slope of a hill on the northwestern side of Mo Cong village. This 2 x 2m entrance gives access to a gallery with gour pools. Progressively the cave becomes muddier with alternation of small passages, large chambers and galleries.  After some 300m we arrived in a new system, probably wet during the rainy season. This system can be followed both upstream and downstream.

Upstream (to the right), we followed the gallery for 200m. It continues, but gets small and it becomes difficult to breathe. Downstream (to the left), some 500m were surveyed in an alternation of small passages with airflow and large rooms, all of them very muddy. Exploration in this gallery should be continued.Along the road from Thuan Chau to Tuan Giao

PL2 Mo Cong 2

From the village of Mo Cong, follow the dry valley to the right. Limestone blocks where the entrance is situated, can be seen next to some high trees. At first the pitch is not wide, just 1m. It widens and gives way to a large chamber (dimensions 10 x 30m). Down under this muddy chamber is a second pitch, that has not been surveyed. The depth of this pitch was esteemed to be 10 to 20m deep, with mud and water on the bottom.

PL3 Ong Nhiem

During the rainy season, this cave is a place where an important water flow disappears, but during winter it was dry. The porch gives way to a chamber, where one finds the riverbed. This gallery is muddy, with river sediments and pebbles. After 150m the now dry river starts meandering and a dried out sump can be passed. There are several formations in the following part of the gallery. It ends on a drafting boulder slope.

PL4 Ba Kinh 1
PL5 Ba Kinh 3     See the 1995 expedition.
PL6 Xen Can 2