AREA 37: Meo Vac West - Lung Chinh

MVw1: Lung Chinh
Development: 409m
Denivelation: -306m

Cave with two entrances, the first entrance is located at the valley side of the path, a small pitch (3
m) leads after a 20 m long path to a "voute mouillante" this is filled with mud, and leads to a larger
room. Light enters this room and so a second entrance could be located. This entrance is at the other
side of the path and is very peculiar. This entrance cannot be spotted from the surface since it is
hidden in a small circular “circus" which can be reached through a narrow passage in the rock walls.
(A small version of the famous hidden valley)
This entrance slopes down to the larger room, which can be reached by descending a 15m pit.
The walls of this cave are extremely clean; the rock itself is massif, dark coloured with many white
veins. The erosion of the walls indicates that a lot of water must flow down this cave during the wet
The bottom of this cave was not reached during our expedition but expectations are high that many
vertical meters can be added during future visits. In 2006 this cave bottomed at -306m.

MVw2: Mia Lung
Development: >100 m
Denivelation: > -100 m

A natural bridge crosses the huge entrance pit. The northern most entrance pit has been descended
for 70 m before we were at the end of the rope. An additional 50 m of rope (estimation) is needed to
reach the bottom. A continuation to the south at the bottom of the pit may exist.

MVw3: Hau Trau
Development: 60m
Denivelation: -15m

Big porche in mountain hill, clearly visible from the road. About 60 m to 60 m wide and about 15 m
deep. Blocks on the bottom, bamboo sticks leading 7 m higher to a digged passage (clay extraction
for pottery).