AREA 36: Meo Vac East -

MVe1: Lung Pu 1
Development: 118 m
Denivelation: -103 m

Shaft on fault
Rigging: 1AN + 1S (-24m) + 1S (-46m)

MVe2: Lung Pu 2
Development: 108 m
Denivelation: -78 m

This wide doline (20 m radius) lies in the middle of the pinnacle karst uphill of Lung Vui village,
nearby Lung Pu 1. Vegetation hampered abseiling. Rigging was done on the uphill side of the
doline, where a crack can be descended. Down the pitch the cave becomes quickly more narrow and
more cave-like. After a rebelay at -40 m one lands on a cone of debris. No way on was found

MVe3: Lung Pu 3
Development: 181m
Denivelation: -32 m

Fossil cave with muddy floor.

MVe4: Dac Lang
Development: 80 m
Denivelation: -74 m

Fossil sinkhole of large dimensions

MVe5: “MeoVac 1” Cave
Development: 617 m
Denivelation: -41 m

The big porch of a collapsed part of a cave system can be seen from far. This porch is choked after a
few meters. Following the same fault to the south west, a smaller porch is seen approximately 150 m
away of the natural bridge constituting the not collapsed part of the system. This porche gives way to
a nice fossil cave.
The first 500 m of the cave are formed in a straight line. In the beginning, the cave consists of a big
pile of boulders. Always stay on top of the blocks. Where the cave seems to stop, the continuation
can be found high left near to the ceiling. Again, stay high up in the gallery and find the continuation
of the cave high left. The cave becomes an active cave now. A gallery of 100 m in an always straight
line opens up with a very slippery floor with micro-gours. The right wall is formed of a
conglomerate of pebbles and calcite. The gallery suddenly stops on a big block. This block can be
passed at the far left side through a squeeze. One lands in a smaller chamber with a very muddy
floor. At the far end of this chamber, a second small passage gives access to an ancient junction.
Following the main direction the cave soon ends in blocks which cannot be passed. To the left, an
important inlet can be followed over approximately 100 m. The wind which could be felt
everywhere in the cave, goes up in this inlet.