AREA 32: Ba Be

BA1: Na Phong

Development: 725 m
Denivelation :  -18

Huge entrance with meandering river, water is mostly knee deep. Softly sloping sandbanks on alternating sides of the river. Impressive dimensions, at the end one dry gallery to the right, floor covered with dried out mud crust (resembling broken pottery).

BA2: Pac Chai

Development: 489 m

Denivelation: -49 m

Old fossil sinkhole with huge entrance porch. The rock is from the upper Devonian era. The entrance floor consists of blocks fallen from the ceiling, big pillars and many flowstones on the walls. The light from outside enters far into the cave because of the huge entrance porch. One can walk down into the cave; passing raft cones with many fossil cave pearls on the left. Some huge blocks, big pillars and a “forest” of stalagmites are present. At the back of the cave, one is stunned by the huge (fossil) draperies and pillars. This cave could be made a touristic attraction, although there is some minor damage and the flowstones are fossil.

BA3: Ban Piac

Development: 1738 m
Denivelation: -38 m

Resurgence cave of an important river in the area. After a short passage the underground river (in a large passage) is found. To the left the river (in a gallery dim. 10m high and wide) is followed up stream for 200m up to a sump. To the right the gallery slightly climbs and was dry during our visit (but acts as a drain during rainy season). After 200 m the gallery goes down and meet again the river, which is followed up stream again. In the dry passage to the right a fossil passage decorated
with many flowstones is found (Chinese coin covered with a calcite film is found). The active river is an alternation of large chambers where the river disappears sometimes below the blocks and narrower river passages. After about 700 m the water calms down and a siphon area is reached. During the search for continuation cold air could be found, meaning the surface was not far, afterwards confirmed by drawing the map.

BA4: Dong Troi

Development: 338 m

Denivelation: -56 m

The entrance of the fossil cave is situated at the bottom of a cliff-face. The cave ends on a fracture perpendicular on the main direction of the cave. This fracture can be followed over approximately 40m.

BA5: Bup Lom

Development: 521 m
Denivelation: -19 m

This fossil cave with a small entrance gives way to a large old river ‘bedding’.

BA6: Khuoi Giuong

Development: 96 m
Denivelation: -20 m

This cave is really one big chamber full of blocks and formations with many passages to climb down and up. At the end of the cave a big stalagmite is present. There is a lower and upper entrance to the cave.

BA7: Tham Sing

Development: 204 m
Denivelation: -16 m

Old fossil cave.

BA8: Tham Kit
Development: 40 m
Denivelation: -5 m

A small cave with some nice formations.