AREA 29: Phan Xui Lin

PX1 Bien Fang (Benh Vien, Hospital Cave)

Development:   276
Denivelation :  -37

The entrance of this cave is to be found near the central hospital of Sin Ho town, to the north east. During the dry season a small river is streaming here, but disappears between blocks some 150m before the main entrance. During the rainy season an important river enters the cave through a large porche (30m wide and some 10m high). During the dry season when we explored the cave there was no water here and we could easily follow a large passage over boulders for about 100m. Then the aspect of the cave changed. The dimensions became less impressive, although still considerable. One climbs down blocks for about 30m before entering a rift passage (5 to 2m wide) with very noticable draught. This passage opens up after about 20m in a long chamber (50m long and 5 to 8m wide) with huge blocks. Over and under these blocks one arrives at a little step (R5m) and still following the draught further up and down a narrow passage (squeeze) is entered which opens up into a larger passage (3m wide and 3m high). However, a few meters further the gallery is completely filled with blocks and one has to search her way here, squeezing through the boulders. We stopped the exploration about 40m further without having reached the end of the boulders. The passage continues (mainly north as the largest part of the cave) and the draught is still present but route finding becomes complicated and more difficult. We certainly plan to continue this cave during the next expedition.

PX12 Ta Phinh 6

Development:   74
Denivelation :  -34

The entrance is in a small doline about 750m to the south of the centre of the Ta Phin village. It is a small entrance with easy noticeable draught. The passage develops in a joint between layers. It is descending very fast but remains very narrow. Some 60m down a squeeze was passed after hammering, but a few meters further the passage became to narrow. Just behind the squeeze there was a little chamber where a pitch comes in from the east which could not be climbed. The way on seems to be in the meander between the blocks, but there is no draught at all. In fact draught was noticed going in up the pitch, but could not be followed. This cave was abandoned without further perspective. The main direction of the development is north, north-west.

PX13 Ta Phinh 7

Development:   136
Denivelation :  -40

The entrance is located in a doline about 1km to the south of the centre of the Ta Phin village. It is a small porche (10m wide x 1,5m high) which gives way to a rapidly descending gallery with boulders. A little water inlet can be observed at – 20m. The gallery becomes more or less horziontal and a smaller gallery joins in from the south west. Some 15m further the passage is blocked by boulders. At the top in a small rift a tied passage gives way to a little chamber but a few meters further the chamber is closed. The main direction of the development of the cave is north, north-west.