AREA 18: Sung Phai

SP1 Suoi Thau

Suoi Thau cave is located to the North of Tam Duong City. A small path leads through the ricefields along the cemetery and crosses two cols. The cave is located in a chocked sinkhole at the left-hand site of the path. The cave opens at the other site of this sinkhole, in a rock massif (about 45 min walking from the city Tam Duong).

After a 10m pitch (R10) a steep slope with a few big boulders is reached. One could follow this boulder slope to -30m, where at the left-hand site, after climbing big blocks, the slope continues. 30m lower the active river is reached.

Downstream: 20m further the river disappears below a block. Via a bypass at the left hand site the river is reached again after 60m. 250m of alternating higher (about 20m) and lower (0,3m) passages, the cave gives way to a second bypass (follow the strong draft). 100m further the cave goes down: a succession of little cascades and two waterfalls of about 6m. After these rapids, the river becomes more quiet. A crawl of 100m gives into to a fossil room above the river. 80m further the river disappears between blocks and cannot be followed anymore. The wood trunks, concrete blocks and relatively cold draft in this boulder choke indicate that the surface is near.

The river appears between blocks, via a fossil room the river could be reached again. The river could be followed for about 250m to a spectacular waterfall. We climbed a first step of 3m, 8m higher we saw the water coming out a small fissure. There might be a possibility to climb these falls with a climbing pole, but the passage seems to be rather tight.

SP2 Lung Than
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