AREA 10: Pu Nhung

PN1 Phieng Pi

The entrance, high up the mountain, starts between boulders. After this a free descent of 70m starts. The white walls of the pitch consist out of flowstone. Towards the bottom, the pitch widens and a chamber of 23 by 15m is reached. Here, half of the floor is covered with mud and guano and a possible way on is choked by flowstone. The bottom of the other half of the chamber is covered with blocks, where no draught could be felt.

PN2 De Chia A

Close to the path, an active sink was found, which is dry in winter. The entrance is 4m wide and 6m high and leads to a 16m pitch. At the bottom of this pitch, a small meander starts giving into a double pitch (12 + 14m). After some 8 meters, another pitch of 7m and one of 8m can be climbed down ‘free style’. From now on, the cave is less pleasant as it gets muddy and narrow and the air becomes hard to breathe.

Pitch Rope  
P16  25 m  2 Bolts, Tape
P12 + P14 38 m 4 Bolts, Tape
P7 10 m Natural Thread
P8 15  m Natural Thread

PN3 Phu Nhung

The 10x10m entrance porch is an active sink during the rainy season. Speleotherms in a fosil galleryThe bottom is covered with large boulders, wood and debris. Behind the entrance area, a gallery starts going down between blocks. After about 50m a first step is encountered on the left side (R1) which brings one on a muddy bottom, giving into a large chamber with very large blocks and formations which fell down from the ceiling and which is very high. There might be a continuation on the right. A small pitch of 2m brings you down to a wide passage between boulders, sometimes interrupted by small steps. Then the stagnant water is crossed in a relative small part (3m) and one arrives again into a large chamber.

Here, the cave turns to the right and a small step (R1) leads to muddy, sump-like water. This can be passed and is followed by another 4m step, which again leads to the water. After 30m a basin is found, which again seems to be a sump, but can also be passed. Here a beautiful conduit with cascades goes down to a real sump. On the right a small inlet was seen, coming from a muddy gallery with some beautiful gour pools. On the left a fossil part was also explored.

PN4 Quang Vinh

From Route No 6, one follows the southern slope towards the village of Ban Quang Vinh. Some 300m from the road, the entrance of the cave can be found 20m above the valley. The entrance is not small: a width of 7m and 12m high. The following gallery, although high, is very short. A short slope of 6m looks easy to descend, but is very muddy. During exploration the first caver slided down. His fellow could attach a rope, making him climb up again and make some proper rigging. After descending the 25m pitch the cave ends with two very small galleries, both being choked.