Caving Expeditions in Vietnam

Vietnam has well over 60.000 square kilometres of exposed karst, most of that being located in the north of the country. One of the most important areas is the north-western Bacbo region. This region extends from the border with China to the seacoast of Bacbo gulf in the Southeast over a length of about 400 km and a width ranging from 10 km to 40 km. The deepest cave in Vietnam and Southeast Asia is Cong Nuoc, -600m deep and located in Lai Chau province.

Karst landscape in the north of Vietnam

The Belgian – Vietnamese caving expeditions concentrate on the provinces of Son La, Lai Chau, Ha Giang and Cao Bang in North Vietnam.
Results of the 1993 - 2004 Caving expeditions :

Caving AREAS


 Detailed cave descriptions per explored area: (updated till 2002 expedition)

Area 1 
Not available yet 
Area 2 
Nam Khum
Area 3 
Bom Bay 
Area 4 
Ban Thong
Area 5 
Ban Bon
Area 6 
Ban Phe
Area 7 
Mai Son
Area 8 
Not available yet 
Area 9 
Phong Lai
Area 10 
Pu Nhung
Area 11 
Chieng Ban
Area 12 
Sang Nhe
Area 13 
Tua Thang
Area 14 
Tua Phinh
Area 15 
Huoi So
Area 16 
Quynh Nhai
Area 17 
Muong Trai
Area 18 
Sung Phai
Area 19 
Lan Nhi Thang
Area 20 
Tam Duong
Area 21 
Ban Hon
Area 22 
Bin Lu
Area 23 
Nung Nang
Area 24 
Nam Loong 
Area 25 
Chieu Sai Pin
Area 26 
Sin Chai
Area 27 
Ban Giang
 Area 28
Muong Xo
Area 29
Phan Xui Lin
Area 30
Ta Ngao
Area 31
Tan Lac
Area 32
Ba Be
Area 33
Dong Van
Area 34
Pho Bang
Area 35
Meo Vac N
Area 36 
Meo Vac E
Area 37
Meo Vac W
Area 38
Yen Minh N

Area xx 
Moc Chau
Area xy 
Nam Phe

Overview of karst areas in Vietnam

This picture gives an overview of the kast areas in Vietnam.

We worked in the provinces of Lai Chau, Son La, Ha Giang and Cao Bang




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